What people are saying...

“I’ve had the honour of sharing the stage with Sonia. She is an exceptional vocalist with great instincts and confidence. Such a talent!”

Amy Bishop, Musician

“Sonia was a pleasure to work with. Professional, passionate and truly collaborative. An incredibly talented vocalist!”

Paul Zacharias, doG House Studios

“I have always felt uplifted whenever and wherever I have heard Sonia sing- including a surprise appearance at my birthday party!”

Eva Newman, Artist

“Sonia has an amazing voice and presence. When she performed at my house concert, she created a warm and enthused atmosphere. She’s professional, lovely, and I love hearing her new work!

Dr. Christine Gibson, The Alex

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With soul in her bones and a fierce but gentle love in her heart, Sonia gives a passionate and honest performance. Her songs are both lyrically potent and melodically interesting, and when you mix all of that with her dynamic vocal range, what you get is a sound you’ll want to hear again and again.

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You can book Sonia as a solo artist, or with her full band, for your private or corporate event.