Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sonia got her start singing in church as a shy 10 yr old. She credits the church organist and choir director, Marie Walsh, with being the first of many to push her to come out of her shell and find her voice. Ms. Krisko, her junior high music teacher, was the next person to see something in her - something she had yet to fully see in herself, but by the end of Grade 7, she was centre stage as the lead in the school musical.

It was a conscious choice for Sonia not to attend a vocal University program. She was honing her skills and getting to know her voice, and knew she never wanted to sound "trained". There was just something about the raw, natural sound she was given, and she wanted to keep it's quirks and tones. So, instead, she has trained with a variety of renowned vocal coaches over the years, only for brief periods of time (sometimes just one session). This way, she checks in about habits and techniques, and continues to grow, while not taking on one particular method or philosophy.

Guitar came much later, and only in the last 4 years has Sonia taken her playing to new levels in an effort to be a self-sustaining musician. Her sound has become  broad mix of folk, soul, jazz and pop sounds, and she has no intention of boxing herself in anytime soon. Sonia's love of words, story and poetry are evident in her strong songwriting, and her intriguing melody lines give the songs shape. She often incorporates the telling of some of her stories and the intimate details of her writing process into her performance. She is an entertainer and a lover of connection and the stage is where she feels at home.

In January 2016 Sonia released her debut single Elizabeth. Around that time she formed a duo with prolific Calgary singer/songwriter Natalie Inga, called The Fig & The Flame. The band saw much success, acquiring a spot in the regional Top 10 in CBC's Searchlight contest, and releasing album When The World Is Calling in May 2017. Later that year the two parted ways to pursue solo careers, and after a short break, Sonia hit the ground running. Her next single Free Now, released in August 2018, received nationwide attention and radio play, including a feature on CBC Radio One's The Key of A.

With a tour to Vancouver Island and back coming up in April, two live music videos with brand new songs to be out before that, another single release impending, and plans to record a debut solo album in the late summer, 2019 is shaping up to be another exciting year!

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