Miranda Krogstad - Spoken Word

The very first time I listened to Miranda perform spoken word, I was hooked. She can take you on the journey of a lifetime, while also reminding you of who you are, all with a few words. We had worked alongside each other a few times already, and when I started writing Broken Man and I ended up with this group of lyrics and felt like if I added anything else I’d actually ruin it, one day she came to mind. I asked her if she would write two spoken word verses that were hopeful and positive, to contrast the darker more hopeless chorus. Not surprisingly, she heard my vision for it, worked her magic, and came back with some of the most poignant lyrics I’ve heard.

She writes, she sings, she leads. And she's one of the kindest, warmest people this planet has. 

You can learn more about Miranda and her work HERE.

Thank you thank you Miranda!!