Ricky Fraser - Song Artwork

I was introduced to Ricky Fraser's art last year and began following along on IG. Aside from his top notch skill and technique, I find his work deeply emotional and loaded with meaning. When we began working on Broken Man during Covid lockdown, I asked Ricky if he'd create something for it. A while after he agreed to do it, he posted this piece and I almost fell over. In my head, I knew for sure this was what he made for us. I messaged him immediately, and he confirmed that it was a new sketch but NOT initially intended for my project....but once I explained how I reacted and how perfect it was, we decided together that it was meant to be and exactly the thing. I feel so lucky to have this beautiful, heart-wrenching image of a tired, empty man to represent this dark yet hopeful song. 

Ricky is a Calgary based visual artist and photographer. You can find his other work here.

Thank you thank you Ricky!